Check sepco online bill pitc – Sepco duplicate bill get online

Asslam o alikum..! Are you leaving in sukkur or its nearby areas and you are facing issue with your pitc sepco bill. Mean you are not receiving your sukkur electricity supply company bill at time. Then welcome to in this post you will get information about sepco online bill pitc checking and paying guide. You will get full information about how to check sepco pitc bill online complete guide in this post. So, I just request you to stay with me and read this article complete you will get full find this article very informative. So, let’s start…

Please Enter Your 14 digit Numeric Reference Number (no spaces)
Reference No:

Note: Some Of The Reference Numbers Have Been Revised So Please Enter your New 14 Digit Reference Number As Mentioned On Your Printed Electricity Bill.

How to check sepco online bill pitc – Get pitc sepco bill in 1 minute

I will guide you from scratch mean if you are checking your sepco duplicate bill online first time. Then maybe you don’t know about how to get sepco bill online. So, I will complete guide you just stay with me and read this post complete.

You just have to follow these steps to check sepco bijli bill. If you know about some first steps then you can move to the next steps and can get your sepco electricity bill in few seconds.

  • 1 : How to find sepco bill reference number
  • 2: Enter sepco bill reference number and press check sepco bill button

What is sukkur electricity supply company reference number :

It’s your id that has been saved in sepco company and everyone has a unique mean different reference number from others. It help sepco company to manage their customers and whenever you will have any issue you can just tell him you reference number and they can solve it or can find you. If you don’t know where is sepco bill reference number located then i can help you to find it.

How to find sepco online bill reference number :

So, important is you should know your sepco bill reference number to check pitc sepco bill online. Now, I am gonna tell you how to find it. You can easily find your sepco bill reference number at the top left corner of sepco bill that you are receiving at your home every month. For your help i will ad a pic of finded reference number below. Follow next steps to check your bill easily.

sepco online bill reference number

How to get sepco duplicate bill online :

When you have your sepco bijli bill reference number then you have to enter the reference number in the box that we have provided you at the top of this article. You have to enter your 14 digit reference number without spaces in the box. After that you have to press check sepco bill now button and you will see your sepco duplicate online bill in new page. If you don’t know where is box and how to enter picture that is below will help you.

electricity bill check online

How to sepco bill print or download :

After checking your bill you maybe interested to print your bill or want to download sepco duplicate online bill. But, you don’t know how to download or print it. Am here to guide you just stay with me. I will step by step guide you how to print sepco bill online or how to download sepco online bill.

How to sepco online bill print :

When you have checked your bill and now you are interested to print your sepco bill right now. So, you just have to check your electricity bill again and when you will check bill you will see a button at top print bill. Just press this button or you can also press CTRL+P button from your keyboard to print it. After that select from the right side menu print bill and select pages and size. After that you will see a button at bottom “Print Bill”. Just press this button and get your bill from your printer. Its very simple button if you still have any issue you can watch video from youtube.

How to sepco bill pdf download – Sepco online bill download

You don’t have a printer connected right now or you hav’nt printer but, you want to save this bill. Don’t worry am here you can download your bill as pdf. For that just check sepco bill and press print bill button that Is showing at the top. After that select ” Save as pdf “ from the right side menu. When you done you can also select pages that you want to download. I think just first page is important but you can select the pages and after that just click on save or print button that you will see at bottom of the priting bill page.

How to pay sepco bill – Sepco bill payment online or manual

There is two way to pay sepco bill 1 is online payment methods and 2 is offline payment methods. Don’t worry I will explain it.

How to pay sepco bill online – Sepco online bill payment :

If you don’t want to pay your bill by going to any banks, nadra office, easypaisa shops and more. Then you can easily pay pitc sepco bill online. Here is the some online payment methods in the list.

  • All commercial bank apps and website
  • Easypaisa and jazz cash
  • Daraz App and website
  • Visa and master card

Online Shoping website of Pakistan that allow to pay your bill

Pay sepco bill offline or sepco bill manual payment

If you don’t know how to pay sepco bill online or you don’t want. Then another option is you can go to easypaisa and jazzcash shops, commercial banks, Nadra office, post office. You just have to give your sepco bill and the amount of bill. If you want to calculate sepco bill then you can click on blue text. It will help you to calculate your bill. After giving amount and sapco bill you will receive a receipt from someone who will take your bill and amount from bank.

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Sepco online bill calculator 2022 :

If do you want to calculate your sepco online bill 2022 then i will just suggest a calculator to calculate you sepco electric bill online. You just have to enter the units and you will get estimated sepco bill for free. So, calculate sepco bill now for free.

About Sepco :

Sepco stand for sukkur electric supply company it was launched in 1997. This company provide electricity to sukkur, Jacobabad and its nearby cities.

SEPCO HQ Phone Number :


SEPCO Hed Office Adress :

Thermal Power Station, Old Sukkur, Sukkur, Sindh.

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