Pesco online bill pitc – pesco bill check online December 2022

Welcome, to in pesco online bill pitc page. If you have not recieved your pesco bill at your door step don’t worry. Here you can easily check pesco bill online for free on this website. You just need to have your pesco bill reference number to check pesco duplicate bill online. If you will have any issue in finding your pesco reference number i will leave a picture below that will show referencfe number. It will help you to find your pesco bijli bill reference number.

Pesco bill online check by entering 14 digit reference number

Please Enter Your 14 digit Numeric Reference Number (no spaces)
Reference No:

Note: Some Of The Reference Numbers Have Been Revised So Please Enter your New 14 Digit Reference Number As Mentioned On Your Printed Electricity Bill.

How to find pesco bill reference number?

If you don’t know about your electricity bill reference number then you don’t need to worry because you can find it easily. For that you have to find your old pesco bill that pesco distributor droped at your home. Mean, you can get your old bill that you have received in your home. Pesco bill reference number is located at top left corner of the pesco bill. If you are facing any issue in finding just check the image below.

pesco reference number

How to check pesco online bill pitc – pesco duplicate bill check online

After you have pesco reference number you can easily check your pesco bill online. You just need to follow these simple steps to get pesco duplicate online bill.

  • Visit
  • Find your pesco reference number
  • Enter your 14 digit reference number in the box that you can see at the top of this article
  • Just click on check bill button now to check pesco online new bill

Pesco online bill download – pesco bill print online

Now, if you have checked your bill and you want to download or print pesco electricity bill. So, you can easily do that by following below.

Pesco online bill free download

So, Do you want pesco bill download in your device? You can easily download your electricity bill for free. For that you have to check your e bill pesco. After that you will see a button at top “Print Bill”. You have to press the button after that a new page will apear. Now you have to select save bill as pdf and need to press save button. When you will press the button your bill will downloaded successfully.

Pesco duplicate print bill

So, You don’t want to download pesco bill? You want to print pesco bill? Yes you can easily do here. Check your electricity bill by entering your 14 digit reference number after that you will see a button print bill button. After that click on the button and select print bill in destination. So, when you will click on print bill now if you have printer connected with your system your bill will be print.

How to do pesco bill payment – pesco online bill payment

So, every customer have to pay their bill. But, the most use payment method to pay electricity wapda pesco bill is offline payment. I will drop detail here of offline payment below. But, you know it’s little bit difficult to pay pesco bill offline because you have to stand i long lines for payment in banks or other shops. Because, there is a lot of peoples who want to pay their bills. So, you have to wait until your next one customer pay their bill.

But, if you will convert your payment method to online payment of pesco. Then it will much eaiser you can easily do online payment. For that you can use different online payment methods. I will also leave some online payment methods to pay pesco online bill. For that you have to deposit on your account and after that you can pay your bill.

Pesco bill offline payment

Normally everyone pay their wapda electricity bill by offline payment method or you can say manually. Because, most of them don’t now how to pay electricity bill online. So, if you’re also from these then you may face the issues of offline payment that you have to wait for duplicate pesco online bill at home. After, that you have to get cash and go to any shop, bank or nadara office for payment. And if you will late or you may busy in some work and you don’t have time to go then you will may have to pay fee of late payment. But, still if you are interested to pay pesco bill offline then some offline payment methods of pesco bill payment below.

  • Easypaisa or Jazzcash Shops
  • All commercial banks
  • Nadra office
  • Post office

pesco bill online payment

So, if you are interested to pay electricity bill online then you can easily do online payment by following methods.

  • Easypaisa or jazzcash App or account
  • Commercial bank app & website
  • Credit and debit card
  • By Daraz app

pesco online bill calculator – electricity bill calculator

If you want to calculate pesco bill online then you’re at right place. Here after all update we have created a wapda bill calculator that will help you to calculate your electricity bill online. If you want to calculate your bill now website now by clicking on the below button.

pesco bill unit rates 2022 – PESCO Commercial unit rates 2022

If you want to get the latest unit price of pesco then you can find this in the given below table.

Per Unit PricePrice(Rs)
1 – 50 Units3.95
1 – 100 Units 7.74
101 – 200 Units 10.06
201 – 300 Units12.15
301 – 700 Units19.55
More than 700 Units 22.65


Can we do pesco bill check by cnic ?
Peaso bill can’t be check by cnic number.

What i need to check pesco bill online ?
This can be just by pesco bill online check by reference number

Can i pesco bill check by meter number ?
pesco bill just can be check by reference number and customer Id number.

How to pesco bill check by name ?
Pesco bill can’t be check by name, phone number or other information. You just have reference number or Customer ID.

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