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Welcome everyone in on mepco online bill pitc post. Here everyone can check mepco electricity bill online in this website. In this website you can easily check your recent bill amount,due date and other many useful information or some details. In many times you received the in your door. But if you don’t received your Mepco Duplicate electricity bill in door. You don’t worry,you can check or pay your electricity bill online. In this process you just need the 14- digit reference number. The reference number will help you to find Mepco online bill easily.

Check mepco bill by enterning 14 digit reference number below

Please Enter Your 14 digit Numeric Reference Number (no spaces)
Reference No:

Note: Some Of The Reference Numbers Have Been Revised So Please Enter your New 14 Digit Reference Number As Mentioned On Your Printed Electricity Bill.

What you will find in this article

Many times you can receive the wapda mepco bill on time but, in some cases you didn’t receive your mepco duplicate bill on time. In this you may worry in this problem you can’t able to deposit on time. If the your due date is outed then you will have to pay extra fee as a fine. Also, if you will not pay mepco bill on 2 two time mean of two months you may can lose your electricity mepco connection.

And if you have lose your connection you may can apply for new connection again but, you have to pay new connection charges and also you previous bill. So, you will not want to pay extra fees and don’t want to face issues of electricity in your home or workplace. Then you can easily check mepco duplicate bill pitc by for free.

Also, i will also leave the some information about how to pay mepco bill online. In online wapda electricity checking system you can easily download your electricity bill online in best way. PITC web bill service you can easily find wapda duplicate copy of your bill. If you don’t know about this system how to use checking the wapda bill online. Then I will giude how to use this system.

How to find your reference number

If you don’t know how to find your reference number. In this website I will completely guide or inform about to the find the reference number. You just stay and read the following instructions carefully, because reference number is very important to find your mepco online electricity bill. The reference number is located at the left corner of your electricity bill.

hesco online bill pitc

If you want quickly to find reference number then find your previous mepco electricity bill. When your electricity bill in your hand just see your electricity bill and try to the follow me. First the top left corner of the bill you can see conection date,consumer ID and the last very important word is reference number.

How to check multan electricity supply company bill – mepco bill online check

Now if you got your reference number then you can check mepco online bill pitc easily. Just stay in this website and read the following basic steps which can help you to use this system.

  1. First find you mepco refernce number
  2. Enter reference number that i have provided at top of this article
  3. Enter refernence number and confirm that you have entered correct
  4. Click on check bill button
  5. You will redirect to a new page and you will see your bill

Mepco Bill can check without reference number

If you don’t have a reference number and you feel worried and you are try to solve this problem which you faces in mepco bill online electricity bill without reference number. The recent update about mepco is a online portal in this case you can find the consumer ID and easily check your Mepco bills online without reference number.

Mepco electricity bill payment method

You can pay mepco Bill by different methods. If the bank is near then you can deposit your Mepco bills easily. If you don’t deposit in bank then you can pay online system. The most used banks where you can deposit your Mepco bills HBL,UBL,SCB. Also, there is a lot of payment methods to pay wapda mepco bill online.

You can easily pay mepco duplicate bill pitc by all commercail bank and their apps, easypaisa or jazzcash shops and apps. Also, you have option of nadara or post office to pay your bill. It’s depend on you which one you like to pay mepco bill.

Mepco Peak hours

Mepco company is recommended everyone to use decrease electricity during peak hours.If we use limited electricity during peak hour we can save the electricity and also less amount of Mepco online electricity bills.

April to October 6:30pm to 10:30pm
November to march 6pm to 10

Mepco electricity bill Email service

The email service is a best or useful feature that provide Mepco pitc bills. Frist of all you subscribe to the monthly bills. And then the most important thing where we used or need your email address and also a reference number. Where you can see every month before it’s due date. If you are interested to see the information by SMS.

Mepco complaint online

If you know the procedure to register your complaint on Mepco. Then you can easily create your problem by online to the mepco company. In this procedure you must visit the mean or official site of Mepco. By searching this official site of Mepco,you can discuss all your issues which you can face in daily life about mepco electricity bills. For example load shedding, inadequate supply of electricity e.ct.

If your electricity connection is cut then you can discuss this issue also,and at the end of result you can get a new connection of electricity. You can discuss all problems about Mepco electricity.

Mepco complain by call or Email

If you cannot know How to register your complaint online about Mepco?And some other reasons that you can face in mepco online duplicate electricity.If your wish to talk directly to the customer service or if you talk directly to their. Then the given number are suitable that control Multan center.

Phone Number


If you send directly email to the mepco company.
[email protected]
In this email you can easily discuss your problem about Mepco online electricity.And the mepco company will solve your problems as soon as possible.

Mepco unit calculator 2023 – Mepco bill estimator

If you want to calculate mepco bill or you need a mepco bill estimator then you can easily do that here. To get mepco bill calculator you just have to visit the link below or you can find pitc web billing mepco calculator in by searching on search bar.

Visit pesco online bill pitc post…

Mepco bill unit rates – mepco tarrif rates

You can see the latest unit price of mepco in our website. Here is the detail of mepco tariff rates 2022.


a)For sanctioned load less than 5 kW
iUp to 50 Units4.003.95
For Consumption exceeding 50 Units
ii1 – 100 Units14.597.74
iii101 – 200 Units16.4110.06
iv201 – 300 Units17.5312.15
v301 – 700 Units19.0719.55
viAbove 700 Units20.6122.65
b)For Sanctioned load 5 kW & above
Time of usePeak – 20.27
Off-Peak – 13.10
Peak – 22.65
Off-Peak – 16.33

About Mepco (Multan Electric power company)

Mepco means multan electric power company. Mepco is a very famous and responsible company. The multan electric supply company provide the some basic cities which are listed given blow.

  • Multan 
  • Rajainpur 
  • Vehari
  • Sahiwal 
  • 5Muzaffargarh 
  • Layyah 
  • Pakpattan

So if you check multan electricity bill (bijli bill) and further details , you are interested to find mepco electricity bill are the wapda bill in many cities. You can see in above table. Then you are in the best place just enter the reference number in your mepco electricity bill. And you can see easily latest mepco bill in best way. If you are interested you see for mobile app then you can download the mepco bill pitc here. Visit mepco offical site to get more info.

Check gepco bill online

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